Dog Training 101 with Glenn Massie!

Dog Training 101 with Glenn Massie!

AFV Classroom - 33751 Mission Trail, Wildomar, CA 92595

time 9:00 am

February 15, 2020

Cost $25

(Free to anyone who has adopted from AFV in the last 12-months.)


Sat. Feb 15th   9-11am


You are already training. The question is, are you going to get better at it?


We are teaching and training our dogs all the time whether we know it or not.


If you want to learn how to train dogs effectively and understand dogs better, this is a must attend class. This class will cover how to teach and train your dog without it looking like a feeding disorder, or a training session on how to inflict punishment.


How to train dogs without a:

  • Treat pouch
  • Choke chain, prong collar, e-collar
  • Head halter
  • Restrictive harness


How to train specific breeds or breed types (all dogs are not the same)


Components of good training


Common training mistakes


Elements for successful training


How to avoid/or work through common behavior problems*

*This will not be an in-depth problem solving class but we will offer guidance on how to get started.


This class is the Prerequisite for the Level 1 Control & Cooperation Group Class

Starts Saturday February 22, 2020

Recent AFV adopters receive a discount on the group class.


Recent AFV adopters can register via email at:


All others can register at: