Foster Care Program

Interested in fostering a pet during this "safer at home" period?

Check out our most frequently asked questions and find some helpful answers!

1. How do I become a foster?
A: Complete an online application at and our Team will get back to you as soon as possible!* Please note, our Foster department consists of only two hard-working individuals who do their best to match the right pets to the right families, so we appreciate your patience as we contact each applicant!

2. What do I need to do as a Foster?
A: Animal Friends of the Valleys is proud to provide food, bedding, and essential items to bring home for your foster pets. All you will need to provide is room in your home and in your heart until your foster baby finds his/her forever home!

3. Without the regular adoption events, how to my foster pets find their forever families?
A: All of our adoptable foster pets can be seen online at and under the "Animals" tab on our website! If you can send your best photos and a short description of your new foster baby's personality to, we can keep their profiles updated to help their forever families find them better!

4. What if my foster pet doesn't get adopted once this "shelter in place" order ends?
Animal Friends of the Valleys' foster program is designed to place shelter pets inside a home environment while they wait for their forever homes, and helps to free up space at the shelter for incoming pets that need a place to stay while they are lost or in need of a new home. We understand that circumstances may change, but ask that you please consider holding onto your new foster friends until they can be placed in their forever homes.

5. Can I adopt my foster pets?
Absolutely!! While the foster program is not designed as a "test run" for adopting a pet, we love a good "foster phenom" (which is certainly not a "foster fail" in our eyes) and would be happy to complete your adoption for you.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (951)674-0618 or email!

Thank you for your support and for being #HeadsandTailsAbovetheRest 💖🐾

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Foster FAQ's
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