Stop Kitnapping!


What is Kitten Napping?

"Kitnapping" refers to the act of taking baby kittens away from their mothers before they are ready.

As our friends at say, "Kitnapping starts with the best intentions. Someone comes across a litter of kittens and the cat Momma is nowhere to be found. The finder scoops the kittens away to be rescued and cared for a that the local Animal Shelter. This is the problem. Most likely, the cat Momma is nearby, she's just hunting for food and has not abandoned her litter."

Removing kittens from the care of their mother is dangerous for these fragile little babies. It takes round-the-clock care to look after these cuties, and shelter resources may not always be able to keep up with these needs.


If Momma does not return within 6 hours of your first spotting of the kittens, please consider fostering!

Animal Friends of the Valleys took in over 1,000 kittens last year, and we are preparing to see many more in 2020. Neonatal kittens, "bottle babies" and kittens up to 6 weeks old are too young to be adopted from our shelter, and need round-the-clock care until they are big and strong enough to be sterilized and adopted by their new forever families!

That's where our fosters come in!

If you have space in your home and in your heart, please complete our online application today!
Learn More About Fostering

Check out this awesome video from our friends at El Paso Animal Services put together to raise awareness about this important message:

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